VIP WS-30B Seal Oil Vacuum Pump (Beach Russ Replacement Pump G.E. Approved)

Operation of VIP WS30B Vacuum Pump used in many GE turbine systems

VIP WS30B Vacuum Pump

VIP WS30B Advantages:

  • 304 Stainless Steel separator tank & internal baffles
  • Large oil supply with internal oil/ water separation distribution pan
  • Low RPM for durability and longevity.
  • Air or water cooling
  • Simple design for easy disassembly, assembly and fewer parts.
  • Manufactured not imported for better quality and delivery.

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The VIP WS30B vacuum pump is commonly used in power plants to remove entrained hydrogen in H2 Seal Oil tanks. The pump draws a vacuum, usually close to 30”, from the headspace of the Seal Oil tank. The unit is designed so that the discharge of the pump exits through an oil filled tank and then to a vent to atmosphere. The oil filled tank also serves as the lubricant supply for the bearings and rotary valves of the pump. If there is an accumulation of moisture in the tank, the level can rise up to the point where it is fed into the bearings and rotary valves. This will compromise lubrication of these parts. Another scenario is that the lighter turbine oil (Seal Oil, usually 32 ISO grade) can gradually dilute the viscosity of the oil in the tank, which is supposed to be 100 ISO grade. Most power plants deal with the accumulation of water by assigning a task to operators to open the tank drain once per shift to drain accumulated water. The problem here is that water is allowed to accumulate and raise the level in the tank. As the water level in the bottom rises, it reaches an area of high agitation, and the result is the formation of an emulsion. This emulsion is a poor lubricant, and as a result, most of these pumps suffer premature failure. It is not unknown for some plants to schedule replacement of these units during each outage as part of their routine outage turbine maintenance program. There is no reason for these pumps to fail at such a high frequency, and if properly maintained, they can experience trouble-free long life of 30 years or more.

If these precautions are taken, this unit can be a very reliable vacuum pump, providing a consistent vacuum of about 30”. This will maintain seal oil purity and aid turbine generator commutator ring life.

VIP WS30B seal oil vacuum pump is a durable simple design for a long trouble free life.
VIP WS30B was made EXCLUSIVELY DESIGNED for use in the power generating industry.